Roman Baths

Visitors to the charming Georgian city of Bath simply must make the time to visit the ruins of the Roman baths. It’s a fascinating step back in time and the museum is very informative and interesting. A free audioguide is included with your admission and there is a lot of information to hear and absorb!

Children can interact with history by following the story of ancient characters like Flavia and Apulia, a Roman lady and slave girl or Roman soldiers. And these folks (in full costume) are even found around the baths themselves where you can talk with them about their lives. They won’t break character so don’t try to joke with them, haha I tried and failed.

Be sure to set enough time to really experience the site, there is a ton to see! In addition to the much photographed outdoor pool you can also visit several other pools and see the old systems piping the water from room to room. There were cold pools and warm pools as well as steam rooms heated by fires underneath the floors. The job of stoking those fires was left to slaves who had to crawl around in the hot and smokey darkness.

There are also exhibits about artifacts found at the site. I was really fascinated by the curses on lead sheets that were thrown into the waters and the stories about sacrifices and altars at the temples here.

The baths were used for daily hygiene which was extremely important to the ancient Romans. But it was also the site of religious rituals.

At the end of the museum visit you can also drink some of the mineral-rich water and see if it heals your ailments. It’s not very tasty but not terrible either. In the summer months the Roman baths are open late so you can experience them by torchlight.

This attraction is extensive and well-organized. Be sure to schedule enough time to take it all in.

After visiting the Roman baths you can soak in the healing waters yourself next door at the Thermae Bath Spa. If that doesn’t suit your fancy, visit the Pump Rooms for a meal. These Georgian Assembly Rooms overlook the King’s and Queens Baths and live musicians entertain the diners just like in Jane Austen’s day. They also have a fountain where you can sample those famous warm mineral waters.

Roman Baths

Stall St, Bath BA1 1LZ, UK

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