Het Scheepvaartmuseum

Visit Het Scheepvaartmuseum, the Amsterdam Maritime Museum, to learn more about the seafaring history of the Netherlands.

Located in a building on the IJ called the Arsenal, a striking structure that was originally built in the 17th century as a warehouse for the Dutch war fleet. The Arsenal was used by the Navy for hundreds of years.

scheepvaart museum

When the building was redesigned to function as a museum, the large inner courtyard of the Arsenal was covered in an amazing glass roof. The structure mimics sea navigation charts and is decorated with twinkling LED lights that cast a colorful glow on the courtyard below. If you have the chance to visit at night it is extra pretty.

The Dutch are well known for their history as seafaring traders. The museum is full of artifacts from this history. Check out the displays of wooden boat models and the paintings of ships and the sea. The museum also has interactive exhibits.

scheepvaartmuseum amsterdam

Don’t miss stepping out to the rear of the building to visit the replica of the East Indiamen Amsterdam. This wooden ship is a copy of the Dutch East India Company ship the Amsterdam, which was destroyed in 1749 on her maiden voyage. You can explore the ship and find out what life was like for sailors on these vessels.

You can also visit the beautiful golden koningssloep, the royal ship that has been used to transport Dutch royalty around our waterways.

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The Maritime Museum is located on the edge of the Plantage neighborhood. Other fantastic places to visit nearby in the Plantage area include:

Het Scheepvartmuseum
Kattenburgerplein 1, Amsterdam

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